How To: Make a vase out of old lightbulbs

Make a vase out of old lightbulbs

This video illustrates how to make a vase out of old light bulbs.

1. Light bulbs
2. Strings
3. Cutting player
4. Artificial flowers

Cut the electrical foot contact of the light bulbs. Take a few strings and, with one string, fold it in the middle and make a hole with the cutting player. Twist the string into two parts. Take another string and join the two, twisting it. Do again with several strings, noting to make that sure that they are equal to the number of old bulbs you have to decorate. Fill the bulb with water and twist the string at the end of it. Add some artificial flowers in the string. Hang this in a wall or a mirror. You have now learned to make a vase out of old light bulbs!

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